Remembering John F. Kennedy

1962 Oklahoma City University alumnus Thomas McAnally brought to our attention today the letter then Senator John F. Kennedy wrote to the students of Oklahoma City University that was published in The OCU Campus on November 4,1960. MR. McAnally wrote to the presidential and vice-presidential candidates asking for their advice to college students for the upcoming election. All responded, and were included in this newspaper article:

Nov 1960 newpaper article

letters to OCU students from the 1960 presidential and vice-presidential candidates

1960Campus-Kennedy fullpage PDF

Mr. McAnally also remembered the letter he received from President Kennedy after he was elected and his experience as a new Director of Communications for the Nebraska Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church when he entered the offices of the Lincoln Journal newspaper on November 22, 1963: “I walked into the offices of the Lincoln Journal newspaper and was surprised at how quiet the offices were.  All reporters and staff were huddled around a  Teletype machine waiting for another update from Dallas.  Such a tragic and sad time.  The young president who so identified with my generation was gone.”



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